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My name is John Gardner and I'm an eBay Power Seller. I started making money on eBay in 1996, just as Internet auctions sky-rocketed.

Since then, I've sold practically everything you can imagine. High ticket items like exotic sports cars, boats, real estate, and less expensive equipment like software, computers, antiques, books, and exercise equipment... just to name a few.

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1,001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics 3.0 is a revolutionary new eBay marketing system that's unlike anything you'll find anywhere. It's based on what works now to make money on eBay!

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It seems that many of the authors were trying to make a fast buck... selling obsolete, practically useless information... Many of these courses are still around... spreading misinformation.

On the other hand, I earn 100% of my income from eBay. I have for over 25 years! I've sold tens of thousands of items on Internet auctions...

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